American Dream is alive, not dead.

If You can Dream it, you can do it!

Dream Builders Group

Effective and private way to help members Build Dreams of each organization by providing ways to share their expertise, knowledge, talents and experiences as an Encourager, Mentor, Teacher, Supporter and /or Friend.

How it works

The new users are required to Register as Help-Seeker or Encourager/Mentor including a brief profile as a self-introduction.

The members who want to help others as an Encourager/Mentor will Share Experiences and select One need-filling topic from 20 categories for Help Seeker to find easily. A prospective Help-Seeker will use “Find Encouragers” who are volunteering to help others. The helpful and relevant short videos can be found under “Maximize Potential”, “Build Dreams” and “Helpful Videos” from


The caring members who want to share their experiences to help other members will sign up and share their profiles including areas of need-filling topics for the benefit of potential seekers out of 20 topics.

Share Experiences

The prospective members of the organization who care and want to help others will review 20 most common needs in our communities and select Need-filling topics and contact info for other members only or publicly.

Find Encouragers

The prospective Help-Seeker who may have a specific area of need out of 20 topics will log in and find the names of the members of the organization who are willing to help others.

Maximize Potential

Each of human being has a tremendous hidden potential that most of us tend to ignore and struggle our daily life while looking for answers from outside. Let’s discover your potential and build your hopes and dreams.

Build Dreams

What on earth are we here – for what purpose? We are uniquely created in the world for a special purpose and ability to live a meaning life by helping others and enjoy fulfilling life. Let’s find your dream, vision and Build it.

Helpful Videos

To help those who are earnestly seeking helpful, practical and inspiring ideas on short videos, we have free video resources covering 11 major common needs topics and over 100 sub-titles for you to find the right videos.

Demo for Org. Leaders

To help decision making leaders and board members understand the benefits for their members and community services, the key points of the program of Dream Builders Group are covered to share.